Manage Service

Service Creation: Click on “Add New Service” to add a service.

There are two types of services, recurring service, and non-recurring service.

  1. Non-recurring services are one-time Services.

  2. Recurring services means a service that is repeated on a frequency basis, which you are providing directly to your client.

Non-recurring Services:

For instance, GST Registration is a non-recurring service because it has to be done only once. Add the Service name, select no, and Submit to create a non-recurring service. (All the fields are mandatory here)

Recurring services: For recurring services like GST filing return which has to be repeated monthly, you need to select the frequency, set the due date, and when you want this service to recur.

In frequency, You can set custom, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

You can also select the client list, after importing them from the “Add Clients” tabs.

This means this service needs to be performed for these clients and you can also select your internal team members who are going to perform this service for that client. So on the recurring date, a task will be auto-generated on the Dashboard.

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