User Activity Report

This will give you the Activity report that is when the task was edited and all the changes made in that task.

How to view User Activity Report: To get a Use Activity Report, Click on the “User Activity Report”

The User Activity Reports display a comprehensive log of actions carried out within each task. This includes details such as when the status was modified, new employees were added, and all activities performed across all tasks. To generate a report based on specific activities, select the User, status, and the particular activity for which you wish to obtain the report.

Reports can be viewed in Line Chart or Pie Chart formats.

The generated reports offer a summary for each team member, illustrating the activities carried out by individual users.

You can search for specific tasks within the summary to locate any particular task. Furthermore, there's an option available to customize the fields within the summary, allowing you to select and display specific details such as task status, start date, end date, or any other required field based on your preferences.

Additionally, you have the option to export this report in Excel format using the download button on top. Also, you can save the report for further use.

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