Email Integration

To set up Email Configuration and integration, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Company created in Organization Management.

  2. Select the specific Company for which you want to integrate your personal email.

  3. Navigate to the Settings Menu located in the top right corner.

Proceed to the Email configuration section and click on the option labeled "Add New Email" to initiate the process of integrating your email within the portal.

Here you can integrate all kinds of emails. For example from your Gmail account to your personal Domain Accounts. There are different processes for all kinds of Emails to be configured.

First We will have a look at how to configure the Gmail account in TaskOPad.

Select the Domain “” in the option Custom Email Configuration. Enter your email ID but the password here will not be your general Email password. In order to generate this password, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps from your Email Settings.

Step-1 Go to the Settings Menu in Your Gmail Account. Enable IMAP from Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

Step-2 Go to Manage Your Google Account.

Step-3 Go to Security and Enable 2- Step Verification


Go to App Password. It will ask you to again enter your Password.


In the Option Select the app and device- Select “Other (Custom name) and Write TaskOPad.

Step-6 Enter the Generated Password in the TaskOPad portal.

Wait for a while till the Status gets updated from “In progress” to “Active”.

You can also set permissions for your team members for them to have access to your emails for generating tasks.

Here are the following steps to activate and Configure Personal Domain Accounts. When you want to integrate a personal domain then you don't need to select any Custom Field.

Enter the email ID and Password. Generate the IMAP Address and Port Number from your domain from the Settings menu and Enter them in TaskOPad and Your account will be integrated.

After Activating your Email account in TaskOPad, you can start assigning tasks even from your Emails. In order to create tasks, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.


Go to Email Management. Select the Company in which you have integrated your emails. Your emails will be synced to TaskOPad every 15 minutes.


Choose the emails you wish to transform into tasks. The email subject will serve as the task name, and the email body will be utilized as the task description. If an email contains attachments, they will be automatically included with the task. Optionally, you can also choose to remove attachments.

Step 3 Provide a due date and assignee name. After submission, the task will be generated, and if it originates from an email, a mail icon will appear next to the task name.

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