DMS (Document Management System)

A Documents Management System (DMS) is a centralized platform where all shared or received documents related to tasks, discussions, projects, or client attachments can be found. It includes default folders for tasks, projects, and discussions to organize the documents efficiently.

Within the DMS Dashboard, the left panel features "My Folders" (containing files or documents shared by you) and "Shared with Me" (housing files or documents shared with you by internal team members)Recent, Favourites, Bin, and My team. Details such as the file owner, last modification date, and file size are also visible.

"TaskOPad ensures the safe and secure storage of all your documents on a cloud server, providing anytime, anywhere access."

To create a new folder or Files in DMS, aside from the default folders, you have the option to establish custom folders or files related to your work and share them with internal team members. Simply click on "Add File or Folder" at the top right corner to add a folder. You can either directly share files or documents or create folders as needed.

Files and folders are visible in the Board View too.

The search option is available, allowing you to locate files and folders throughout the system.

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