Web Guide

DMS (Document Management System)

DMS is a Documents Management System: Where you will find all the documents shared or received in any tasks, discussion, projects, or any attachment related to any clients. There will be by-default folders for all the tasks, projects, and discussions.
On DMS Dash-Board, you will find My DMS (The files or documents, you have shared with anyone), and Shared with me, (the files or documents shared with you by any other internal team member). You can also see the Owner of that file, when was it last modified, and the size of the files. TaskOPad will safely and securely save all your Documents on a Cloud server and you can have access to your documents anytime, anywhere at any place.
How to Add A New Folder in DMS : Other than the by-default folders, you can also create your work-related folders and can share these folders with your internal team members. To add a Folder, click on the top right side “Add”. You can directly share files or documents and can also create Folders according to your necessity.
Enter the name of the Folder and share it with your internal team members. You can create multiple folders and can share them with your team members. You can create personalized folders to store your files or documents.