Status Wise Report

Status Wise Report will give you the reports of the status of your work.

How to view Status Report: To get a Status Report, Click on the “Status Report”

In order to produce a report, you must first choose whether you want the report to include Project tasks, exclude them, or incorporate both. Afterward, select the User category, determining whether you prefer reports categorized by Assignee, Owner, or Follower. Next, pick the Users (multiple assignees can be chosen simultaneously) and specify the Status. Finally, select the date range based on your preference, allowing you to view reports daily, weekly, or according to the frequency of your choice.

Reports can be viewed in Line Chart or Pie Chart formats.

The generated reports will provide a summary for each team member, displaying the distribution of tasks across various statuses associated with that particular member.

You can search for specific tasks within the summary to locate any particular task. Furthermore, there's an option available to customize the fields within the summary, allowing you to select and display specific details such as task status, start date, end date, or any other required field based on your preferences.

Additionally, you have the option to export this report in Excel format using the download button on top. Also, you can save the report for further use.

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