Manage Members

You need to add all your members from the “Manage Members” Tab.

Members Creation: Click on the right-hand top corner, “Add New Member”.

Enter basic details of your team member and the Email-id here is very important because the team member needs to verify from the mail sent to the Registered Email-Id.

(Mandatory fields are Member name, Last name, Email id, and Roles)

Set Reporting to, set roles and we also have an option of directing all the admin rights to your team members.

If you don't want to give all admin rights, you can give some rights of Master Setup permission.

All the list of members will appear together and you can also edit the details in the future.

Team Group Functionality You can also create a Group and assign tasks to a whole Group instead of individuals. In order to create a group, Click on the Team Group tab and Click on Add New Group from Top Right Corner.

Enter a Group Name and Select the Assignees you want to add to that Group. Click on the Add Group option and Start assigning all your tasks to different teams.

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