Time Report

How to view Time Report: To get a Time Report, Click on the “Time Report”

Time tracking is the process of monitoring and recording how a Team can spend time on different tasks and projects. It allows you to identify where your team spends time, and how it can used more effectively to achieve individual goals. So, the Time Report will give you the performance report of each team member with their time variance. From these reports, you can calculate whether the team member has spent Working Hours or spent extra on Monthly weekly, or any other Frequency.

To access these reports, navigate to the left panel and click on Reports, then select Time Report.

Upon entering the report section, you'll find personalized profiles for each team member displayed.

To access details regarding each team member's total working hours, actual hours worked, and any variances for the current month, you can select the Time Report option on the page.

Upon clicking on an individual team member's profile, a comprehensive summary of tasks, displaying the actual time spent on each task or throughout the day, is provided along with a graphical representation.

You can search for specific tasks within the summary to locate any particular task. Furthermore, there's an option available to customize the fields within the summary, allowing you to select and display specific details such as task status, start date, end date, or any other required field based on your preferences.

Additionally, you have the option to export this report in Excel format using the download button on top. Also, you can save the report for further use.

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