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Time Report

Time tracking is the process of monitoring and recording how Team can spend time on different tasks and projects. It allows you to identify where your team spend time, and how it can used more effectively to achieve individual goals. So, Time Report will give you the performance report of each team member with their time variance. From these reports, you can calculate whether the team member has spent Working Hours or spend extra on Monthly weekly or any other Frequency.
To generate the Reports you have to got to left panel Reports--> Time Report.
Once you will go to Report all the personalize Profile of each Team member will be reflected.
You may view everyone's current month's total working hours, actual working hours, and variance by selecting Time Report from this page..
Once you click on a team member's profile, a complete overview of the task with the actual time the team member spent on each task or throughout the day is displayed along with a graph.
You can export this report from 3 dots on top in Excel or PDFs form and save the Reports as well.