How Custom Fields Work?

Custom fields work just like the Add-on fields that come out of the box in Manage Client Module. The one difference is that you have to create a custom field first, after that it will show up on a Client Module. Fortunately, that’s really easy to do by clicking the “Custom Fields”. That new “Custom Fields” will take you to a Popup page where you can view all of your custom fields and create new ones.

Here are several types of custom fields. Here's how they work:

  1. Text: Can contain any characters.

  2. Text Area: Can contain Description of Label

  3. Number: Can only contain numbers, and can either be simply numbers. When you create the number field, you can choose your Different type like Decimal, Percentage and Auto number in Tasks.

  4. Currency: Can contain different Currency with their symbols. Date: Can only contain a date. Type it in yourself or choose from a calendar.

  5. Email: Can contain email ids. Phone: Can contain multiple phone numbers with different country code.

  6. URL: Can contain different URLs.

  7. Checklist: a drop-down list of multiple or single options that can include any Data. You can drag and drop options to change their order.

  8. Radio: You can create two options and one can be selected like Yes or No as an option.

Add Custom Field from the drop-down menu:

Field Type: Name the field Select a field type.

Mandatory: Then decide whether or not this field is required.

So, let's look at an example:

I want to add the GST numbers for all of my clients. As a result, I will designate the label as the GST number and add a Text box to the Field Type so that I can enter the GST numbers for each client.

So, this is how in the Client Module Page it will fall under the Add on fields Tab, and also as we have kept it mandatory so while creating the client this field will be mandatory.

So, that's how you can add 20 Custom Fields to your Client Page to maintain extra information on each Client; based on your company's needs.

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