Client Information Sharing

You have the option to include a client's contact card in the comment section, ensuring all essential client details are readily available in the task information. Facilitate seamless sharing and exchange of client information using the client custom field add-on.

Access this feature by navigating to the Organization Management settings, selecting General Settings, and specifying the team with whom you wish to share client information.

After granting appropriate permissions during task creation and associating a client with it, you can effortlessly review all relevant information related to that specific client.

From the "Information" button you can get all the details of clients.

You have the flexibility to copy and share these details in any "Text Area," making it convenient to retrieve client information directly from the task.

Additionally, client details can be shared via the Client Contact Card in the comment section, allowing for a streamlined communication process. Furthermore, the versatility extends to sharing multiple client information through the contact card.

Additionally, you can add a contact card in the discussion as well.

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