Discussion means a one-to-one conversation or a group chat within your team members eliminating the need to switch different applications for internal communication.

In the discussion section, you have the choice to either engage in individual chats with team members or create group conversations to interact collectively.

To start the discussion you need to click on "+ GROUP CHAT" or "+ MEMBER CHAT".

To initiate communication, you have the ability to send messages, share files, and even send audio notes directly. Within the mobile application, additional options are available, allowing you to share live locations, mobile contacts, and various other features.

Within the discussion feature, you have the ability to search for specific messages. You can opt for a global search that encompasses members, groups, and messages, or you can navigate to individual chats to search for particular messages within those specific conversations.

Additionally, within specific chats, there is a date filter available. This feature assists in narrowing down searches to particular date ranges, facilitating the retrieval of messages from specific periods.

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