Create a Task

To create a new task, simply click on "Add New Task" located in the top right corner. The task creation process involves three fundamental steps:

  1. Start by entering the task's name.

  2. Specify the due date as the second step.

  3. In the third step, you can assign the task to one or more individuals or even to a team or group.

Adding Project: Besides these three steps, you can include a Project name if the task is linked to a specific project.

Adding Service: If the task is part of a particular service, you can specify the service name.

Adding Client: When the task is associated with a client, you can make a selection from the drop-down menu.

Adding Follower: It's also possible to assign a follower. The follower's role is to oversee or supervise the task, even if they are not directly involved in its execution.

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