Kanban Board

It will aid in the display of all tasks that are assigned to different statuses and pipelines. You may design numerous pipelines for various workflows and see tasks in a Board View.

Kanban Board View: To view KanBan Board, click the on button on top.

Initial Setup for Kanban: You will have a blank Dashboard. To add a new pipeline, click on the “Settings” button, and then click on “Add New Pipeline”

Creating Pipeline: Add a name to the Pipeline, For instance, if it’s a sales pipeline, add the stages which fall under the Sales pipeline.

Like this, you can create numerous pipelines with different workflows and you will have your own Board view of these pipelines.

To see these pipelines, click on “Select pipeline” at the top of the page. You can select which pipeline you want to view. You can also make any pipeline favorite which will help you visualize that pipeline only, whenever you open Kanban Board View.

Updating Task Status: Through these pipelines, you can directly drag and drop the tasks, to change the status and can see how many tasks fall under that particular work status.

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