Enable Time Sheet

Enable Time Sheet: So, to enable the timesheet you need to click on the “Settings” menu on the top right side of the Master Setup creation page.

Here you have the option to enable yes or no. To enable the timesheet feature select “yes”.

Add Working Hours Setup: Here you need to set up your weekly working days Hours so that while adding estimated hours it will help you to calculate depending upon the weekly working Hours.

For instance, A task has been assigned with Start Date 22-11-12 i.e. Tuesday and End date of task is kept on 27-12-21 i.e. Monday. So, Estimated hours will be counted as 45 Hours based on your weekly working hours.

Once you establish the weekly working hours, a corresponding calendar will display the monthly work hours allocated to each day based on these hours.

Additionally, there is an option available to designate specific days as holidays or non-working days.

Calculation of Actual process: To calculate the actual hours of your team members on any particular task will be through:

We have two processes (Manual and Automatic)

1) Manual: It will allow your team members to manually enter the time they worked on any particular task.

If you keep the process manual, you need to set the User configuration whether you want the team member to enter the start time, end time, or the actual hours for the task.

2)Automatic: There is a picker button option, the moment they start the picker, the Software will automatically calculate the time.

We have Both options as well where you can use both processes.

Freeze Data Concept: We also have a freeze data process which means you can freeze the timesheet entry of past days as per your frequency added.

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