Mark Task for Approvals

After a task is finished, approval from the owner, reporting manager, or task creator is required. This functionality streamlines the process of marking tasks as approved and allows users to easily view all tasks that have received approval.

To activate the 'mark as approval' feature, navigate to the settings menu within Organization Management. Select the specific company where you need to enable this feature, then access the settings menu and choose "Mark as Approval Permission."

Once the feature is enabled, you can choose who will review tasks under the Permission tab, offering five options for task review, allowing multiple selections:

  • Owner

  • Admin Rights

  • Reporting to Person

  • Follower

  • Task creator

After selecting these permissions, choose the user authorized to mark tasks for approval and click 'Submit'. Once this setup is complete, the team member granted permission to mark tasks for approval must seek approval from the selected permission group every time they mark a task for review.

For instance, let's consider an example: I've granted Aneri Jain permission to mark tasks for approval. When I access Aneri's account, upon her completion of a task, it will display under the "Mark Under Review" tab instead of being marked as completed directly.

Upon submission for review, the selected Owner and Task creator under the permission tab will receive a notification.

Subsequently, the authorized individual will assess the task and make the decision to either REJECT or APPROVE it.

Upon approval, the task will be automatically categorized under the "CLOSED" status. In the event of rejection, Aneri Jain will receive a notification informing her that the task has been rejected.

Additionally, we have implemented two filters to display the status of tasks sent for review or tasks received for review. These filters enable you to track tasks sent by you for review to an authorized person and identify tasks sent to you by others for your review.

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